Friday the 13th ha tenido una buena acogida en su lanzamiento, y gracias a ello IllFonic está trabajando duramente en solucionar los problemas que la comunidad de usuarios está reportando.
Entre esas mejoras podemos ver que esta actualización traerá mejoras en la optimización del matchmaking, así como mejoras en la seguridad para evitar el spoof de cuentas. También añadirá una nueva cámara dinámica, mejoras en las animaciones de los personajes y más elementos en los mapas.
Esta nueva actualización también agrega una opción para permitir el Push-to-Talk (PTT) en el sonido y aumenta la penalización de experiencia a -1000XP frente a los -200XP actuales. La compañía también ha comentado que el nuevo contenido gratuito estará disponible a lo largo del día de hoy, que entre otras cosas añadirá un nuevo modelo retro de Jason, así como nuevas vestimentas y 13.000 puntos de personalización para todos los jugadores.


  • Steam matchmaking searches longer for lower pinged games.
  • Various minor matchmaking optimizations made.
  • Lobby countdown timer closes menus at the 3 second mark instead of when it starts.
  • Warning beeps can now be heard from sub-menus.
  • Added lots more environmental kill locations to all of the maps.
  • Leaving a match while a party leader now prompts you to disband or take the party with you.
  • Security updates to prevent account spoofing.
  • Dynamic camera and character animation improvements.
  • Added an option for controlling the PTT sound.
  • Increased XP penalty of team killing fellow counselors to -1,000XP from -200XP.


  • Fixed several exploit locations on all maps.
  • Fixed Steam party members not following the party leader.
  • Fixed Steam party main menu voice stuttering.
  • Fixed Jason getting stuck in the grab pose if a grabbed counselor disconnects while being pulled out of a car.
  • Fixed an issue with block detection on boat seats.
  • Fixed some counselor vehicle interactions not being blocked while in a context kill.
  • Fixed some floating items on item swap and with traps.
  • Fixed the Shotgun sometimes floating after use.
  • Fixed an issue with tracking total Jason kills.
  • Fixed multiple achievement related bugs.
  • Fixed windows sometimes displaying the wrong open/close position on listen servers.
  • Fixed an issue where sprint was canceling fear animations & some stances.
  • Fixed some dynamic camera issues when interpolating from a kill back to the player.
  • Fixed Jason being able to morph into the boat and get shoved out of the map.
  • Fixed a case where spectators would not hear alive players.
  • Fixed session presence not always updating immediately to point at your game session (for invites) after you leave a party session.
  • Fixed some game server specific crashes.
  • Fixed the game sitting for the duration of the outro when no outro is played.
  • Fixed the scoreboard staying on the screen when the end match menu opens.
  • Locking the end match scoreboard on-screen.
  • Fixed defaults not always functioning in Video Settings.
  • Made the Gamma slider easier to use with a gamepad.
  • Fixed a case where a player’s mute state may not be sent to the server after loading the map.
  • Fixed character placement issue when getting out of a tent.
  • Fixed character placement issue when ejected from a car and your door is blocked.
  • Fixed being able to use other items while using the sweater.
  • Fixed some exploits with trap placement.
  • Fixed multiple crouch exploits.
  • Fixed multiple fireplace kill interaction distances.
  • Fixed multiple cases of Jason being struck and flying off the map.
  • Fixed multiple interaction lock bugs.
  • Optimized Steam P2P lobby tag updates, dedicated server tag space usage.