La nueva actualización del juego de estrategia basado en el universo Halo, Halo Wars 2, ha activado desde su ultimo parche la posibilidad de juego cruzado entre los jugadores de PC y Xbox One. Esta novedad sigue el camino de Microsoft ofreciendo el juego cruzado entre consolas y PC, una estrategia abierta durante 2017 que va añadiendo cada vez más títulos que disponen de esta posibilidad, eliminando las barreras entre las dos plataformas.
El juego cruzado estará disponible para la mayoría de modos de juego y todas las listas de juego que no sean competitivas.
Halo Wars 2 November 2nd Patch Release Notes

  • Added support for 4K Ultra HD & HDR gameplay on Xbox One X
  • Crossplay is here for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs!

– Crossplay will be supported for Campaign, Blitz Firefight, Terminus Firefight, Custom Games, and all UNRANKED Playlists
– All of the existing ranked playlists will remain platform-specific for the sake of fairness and parity
– For players who really want to see how console stacks up against PC, a new playlist called “Ranked 3v3 X War” will be added that will support crossplay.
– Crossplay will be rolled out in phases to make sure everything is working as intended and to give the team time to assess.When the update is released, the following will be enabled for crossplay:
– Campaign
– Blitz & Terminus Firefight
– Custom Games
– Unranked Playlists: 3v3 Deathmatch, Terminus Firefight
– Ranked Playlist: (NEW) “Ranked 3v3 X War”** Crossplay will be added to more playlists at a later date once everything is verified to be in good shape.

  • Arena support on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs

– Halo Wars 2 now supports tournament play between members in the same club.
– Available tournament types at launch:
– 1v1 Deathmatch – Rift
– 1v1 Deathmatch – Bedrock
– 2v2 Deathmatch – Sentry
– 2v2 Deathmatch – Vault
– 3v3 Deathmatch – Ashes
– 3v3 Deathmatch – Fissures
– 2v2 Blitz
– 3v3 Blitz 

  • Fixed various crashes, soft locks and desyncs
  • Improved disconnection handling
  • Fixed medals and progress not being restored from services
  • Fixed potential cause of lost progression


  • Fixed mobile garrison units not ejecting garrisoned units
  • Fixed ODST units not capturing Power Nodes and Control Towers


  • Fixed progression blocker in Manifestation caused by recycling a Mega Turret
  • Fixed temporarily invincible scripted Flood Infectors in Manifestation


  • Fixed friendly fire towards the Nexus and Spires from player turrets and offensive leader powers
  • Fixed the Find Match tile in the Firefight menu
  • Fixed an issue where season leaderboards were not loading in the leaderboard data


  • Fixed placeholder mission briefing video in Manifestation
  • Fixed Operation: Spearbreaker DLC placeholder achievement images
  • Fixed missing splash art from the ATN loading screens
  • Fixed missing Shield Barrier VFX in Firefight
  • Fixed missing flare VFX for Lotus Mines in Firefight
  • Fixed missing supplies glow VFX
  • Fixed flickering Barriers during deployment
  • Fixed premature Colossus deployment animation in Not On My Watch
  • Fixed inconsistent camera boundary on mini-map in Gatecrashers


  • Restored ability to rebind the Cancel command
  • Fixed default Push to Talk key (‘\’) not functioning until rebound