Oddworld: Soulstorm se ha actualizado hoy en PC, PlayStation 4 y PlayStation 5 a la versión 1.08, una actualización interesante más allá de la enorme lista de bugs resueltos, ya que desde ahora podremos desactivar el HUD desde los ajustes si así lo deseamos, además de la posibilidad de desactivar las alertas de logros, lo que puede llevar a una sensación más inmersiva para algunos jugadores.

El resto de cambios hablan de un montón de bugs corregidos tanto en varios niveles, como para el propio Abe y otros relacionados con los NPC y/o su inteligencia artificial.

New features:

Players can now turn off the main HUD UI in the Settings
Players can now turn off the badge alerts in the Settings

Level-specific bug fixes:

Multiple fixes for out of world jumps in certain levels
Potential progression blockers fixed in Brewery and Slig Barracks
The moving Royal Jelly fixed at the end of CD Yards
Motion detectors fixed in Necrum
Sorrow Valley’s Flying Slig explosions fixed
Fixes for Sanctum respawn issues
Fix for the train not being at the end of Phat Station under certain situations
Sorrow Valley missing bird portal fix
Rocksaw audio fix in Necrum
Fixed lockers in The Ruins
Fix for trellis door being closed
Fix for the blimp in the Blimp level being visible in certain circumstances
Further fix for incorrect Mudokon count in The Ruins
The lever in the Flying Slig section in Sorrow Valley now opens the electric gate, removing the requirement to kill all six Sligs first

Abe-related bug fixes:

Considerable improvements to monkeybar edge detection
Fix for Abe being stuck when dropping from the bottom of a climbable surface
Fix for Abe spawning crouched
Additional fix for Abe clipping through platforms after crouching after a double jump
Fix for Abe getting stuck on tiny platforms

AI/NPC bug fixes:

Sligs no longer float when in certain states
Sligs now react to mortars better, especially in the Blimp level
For for Slig AI related to going to sleep in the middle of an alert animation
Further fixes for when Sligs stun sick Mudokons
Fix for stuck post processing FX on chanting
Fix for softlock when spamming the interact button on an empty locker
Fixes for Slig AI behaviour with respect to beating
Sligs in the distance now react properly after their gun overheats
Sligs chasing Abe when he goes into a crawlspace no longer present weird behaviour
Abe can no longer get shot by Sligs through a climbable surface
Sligs now move towards disturbances when they hear or see them
Sligs no longer get stuck in an idle state

Other fixes:

UI freezing fixed when a Mudokon needs an antidote
Various PlayStation Trophy fixes
Timer fixes for Streamer Mode
Multiple italian and german localisation improvements
Badge count fixes
Fix for UI being visible after end credits
Accented characters in the UI fixed

Apasionado de los videojuegos, el hardware y el entretenimiento audiovisual, mi propia trifuerza que trato de plasmar cada día en Gamerbits.
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